Radiology Unit And Community Garden Will Cater To Pediatric Patients At New Clinic In Winter Garden

Dec 3, 2018

West Orange County will be getting a clinic for uninsured pediatric patients in the new year. It will feature a radiology unit and a community garden.

Shepherds Hope in Orange and Seminole County already offers free medical services to uninsured patients. But CEO Marni Stahlman says their newest clinic in Winter Garden will cater to some of its youngest patients.

“The new clinic is going to be across the street from Maxey Elementary School and in the heart of east Winter Garden where we know health services for children and families are desperately needed,” Stahlman.

The new West Orange County clinic will offer full radiology services along with a community garden that addresses food insecurity while teaching children about the importance of healthy eating.

“St. Luke’s onsite will be opening up a teaching and community pantry kitchen where we will be tying healthcare and hunger issues throughout the community,” Stahlman said.

Stahlman says they’ve seen the number of uninsured children under the age of 6 double at their clinics over the past year.

A recent Georgetown University Center for Children and Families found the number of uninsured children in the United States, including in Florida has increased for the first time since 2008.