GOP Fracking Ban Enters The Political Pipeline

Jan 25, 2017
Originally published on January 24, 2017 3:29 pm

Republican Senator Dana Young of Tampa is making good on her campaign promise to file a statewide fracking ban.

Young supported an industry backed bill when she was in the House and the vote came back to haunt her on the campaign trail. Young promised to prove her opposition to fracking if voters promoted her to the Senate.

At her bill’s unveiling on Tuesday, the former House Majority Leader stressed her family’s Florida roots and her love of the great outdoors.

“I have filed this bill for my children, and for all current and future generations of Floridians who I believe deserve to have the same opportunity.”

After watching Democratic fracking bans languish for years, environmental advocates are beginning to smell victory.

The industry has strong sway in the House, but Audubon of Florida executive director Eric Draper notes that Senate Budget Chief Jack Latvala is a co-sponsor. And he says Young is a highly effective legislator with a many chips to cash.

“By being the Majority Leader she created a lot of favors. You might say that she helped to pave the path for the Speaker to become the speaker. That’s what majority leaders do.”

Meanwhile, the Florida Petroleum Council is warning Young’s proposal will slow economic recovery and threaten energy independence.

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