Florida Nurse Steals $110K From Holocaust Survivor

Aug 8, 2019
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A nurse has been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands in life savings from a Holocaust survivor and her husband. 

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Pinellas Park Police Department

A Florida mental health care worker is facing charges that he sexually battered three patients. 

The city’s newly-formed Task Force on Safety and Crime Reduction recently had its first meeting.

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Florida's crime rate is dropping, but the number of rapes is growing.


The attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando helped drive up Florida's murder rate in 2016 to its highest level since 2008, according to crime statistics released Wednesday by the state's top law enforcement agency.

An unaired interview Dr. Phil McGraw had with a Florida college student accused of randomly killing a couple and chewing on the dead man's face is expected to be released.

Hard-core criminals are trapped in a vicious circle of their own thinking. Cognitive treatment of offenders can show them a way out of that trap. With effort and practice, even the most serious offenders can learn to change their thinking about other people and themselves. They can learn to be good citizens, and feel good about it. But in most cases the criminal justice system doesn't present them that opportunity — not in a form that offenders recognize as genuine.

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More rules and licensing requirements could be coming for in-home caregivers in Palm Beach County, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports. 

Florida doesn't require licensing or certification for care aides who aren't providing medical care, but as the need for home aides grows, elder advocates say more regulations are needed to protect seniors even on the local level, the Sun Sentinel reports. 

  Defendants in two high-profile cases -- a father accused of kidnapping his sons by sea and a teen-age baseball star charged with fatally stabbing his mother -- have been found mentally unfit to stand trial.

Joshua Hakken, a 36-year-old engineer from Tampa, made national headlines last April when he and his wife Sharyn kidnapped their two sons, Cole and Chase, and fled to Cuba on a sailboat. The couple had lost their parental rights after the father’s drug arrest in Louisiana in 2012.