Clay County

Clay County has a higher rate of opioid overdoses than the state average, according to county health department officials. Young people in the county have a higher chance of using heroin, marijuana and other drugs. 

To combat the dangerous trend, the Clay County Health Department is partnering with Clay County Fire Rescue and Clay Behavioral Health Care to launch a program aimed at curbing the amount of overdoses.

Clay County’s school district has launched a Bullying Hotline.

Clay County Mosquito Control reports its most recent mosquito samplings have tested negative for the West Nile Virus.

Clay School Board Seeks Tax Rate Hike For Mandated School Security

Jun 12, 2018

The on-again, off-again proposed Clay County school district referendum asking county voters for a $1 property tax rate increase to meet state mandates to improve school security appears on again.

Orange Park Medical Center is kicking off monthly classes teaching the public how to stop heavy bleeding using tourniquets or even T-shirts.

Clay County Health Department Officials are spreading the word: If you haven’t gotten your flu shot, now’s the time.

Northeast Florida, like most of the nation, is currently experiencing an elevated number of flu cases.

HCA Hospital In Clay County Intervenes In Trauma Dispute

Mar 30, 2016
Orange Park Medical Center Facebook page

Seeking to open a trauma center, Orange Park Medical Center has intervened in a legal dispute about a proposed Florida Department of Health rule that would determine how many trauma centers are allowed in various regions of the state.