The Florida Roundup: The Zika Virus In South Florida

Aug 7, 2016
Originally published on August 6, 2016 11:20 pm

As local cases of Zika virus continue to increase, this  week The Florida Roundup dedicated its full hour to an analysis of the political and economic dimensions of the outbreak of this virus in South Florida.

A square mile of Miami is now the hot zone for Zika and the threat of the virus-carrying mosquitoes. Pregnant women are warned about the neighborhood as aerial spraying begins. Where are the bugs? How big of a threat is Zika? And to whom?

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With a small mosquito control budget in Miami-Dade, what are the local efforts to fight the pest? From cans of repellent to a plane spraying an insecticide over downtown Miami, Wynwood and parts of Overtown and Little Haiti, the battle continues.

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And the politics over Zika money continues. Federal money to fight the virus is running low and Congress hasn’t approved any more. We talk with Frederica Wilson, the Democratic congresswoman who represents the Zika district.

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