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Alzheimer's and pancreatic cancer: two formidable adversaries


November is a month of shared recognition for both diseases. On this episode of "What's Health," we talk with two Jacksonville specialists to explore the health landscape for each.

In the realm of health awareness, this episode unveils a November double feature involving the intricate landscapes of pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

November is a month of shared recognition for these formidable adversaries. It provides the backdrop for our exploration of these seemingly disparate conditions.

First, pancreatic cancer, a silent and deadly disease, claims numerous lives yearly. Dr. Niraj Gusani is a surgical oncologist in Jacksonville making an impact in the fight against this disease.

In this conversation, we explore the forefront of health care and treatment options. Also, we discover how patients can grasp the significance of early detection and contribute to raising awareness of this disease.

Then, we talk about Alzheimer's disease with Dr. Christian Lachner, a neuropsychiatrist/geriatric psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

Lachner sheds light on common misconceptions to promote early detection and lifestyle changes, resources for caregivers and the latest research advancements.

Lachner recently received a National Institutes of Health grant to revolutionize brain health initiatives in Black and Hispanic communities.

"What's Health Got to Do with It?" is a talk program from WJCT in Jacksonville that examines the intersection of health care and daily life.

Jacksonville neurologist Dr. Joe Sirven is the host.

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Kathy Waterman