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Oil-Spill Divers: We Have Odd Symptoms

While the globs of oil that littered the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 BP oil spill are no visible,  divers who studied the effect of the crude oil on local marine species say they are still suffering from BP’s mistake, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Scott Porter, a diver who received a federal grant to study how the oil affected local corals, and was often immersed in the oily Gulf, says he is now suffering from painful burning in his chest, migraines, skin rashes and nausea. Other members of Porter’s team have also experienced odd symptoms such as unexplained blisters on their feet or back.

The National Institutes of Health are currently following 33,000 people from the Gulf Coast for 10 years to examine whether the oil made them ill. But, Porter and his team have refused to participate. Porter is suing BP, not because of his health, but because of damages to his scuba equipment caused by the oil.

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