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Transgender Inmate Care Spurs Appeals Court Fight

Attorneys for a transgender inmate and the Florida Department of Corrections are battling in a federal appeals court about whether the state’s treatment of the inmate violated her constitutional rights.

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Crist hints at quick veto

Jun 8, 2010

By Carol Gentry
6/4/2010 © Health News Florida

A Broward surgeon who performed a gallbladder operation but took out a healthy kidney by mistake wasn’t inept or careless, state Board of Medicine members said Friday.

Indeed, Bernard Zaragoza of Coral Springs is quite a good doctor, they said. He just had bad luck.

The 83-year-old patient he operated on had unusual anatomy: His kidney was located where his gallbladder should have been. Zaragoza cut the kidney out before discovering that.

By Carol Gentry
6/3/2010 © Health News Florida

By Carol Gentry
6/2/2010 © Health News Florida

Dr. Joel Rose, chairman of the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine, has appointed himself to a state panel that makes rules to control pain clinics, even though records show he works for at least three clinics that appear on the state registry.

The physician that Rose ousted to make way for his own appointment to the Joint Committee on Pain Management, Allan Escher, learned of it Tuesday in an e-mail from a staff member at the Department of Health.

By Lottie Watts
6/2/2010 © Health News Florida

A Florida psychologist accused of having a sexual relationship with a patient and billing her insurance company for those appointments has relinquished his license instead of fighting the charges, documents show.

Dr. Daniel R. Lerom, 49, has voluntarily given up his license to practice psychology in the state of Florida, according to Department of Health documents. (Editor's note: An earlier version of this article listed an incorrect first name.)

By Jim Saunders
6/1/2010 © Health News Florida

Shands takes surprise hit

May 28, 2010

By Jim Saunders
5/28/2010 © Health News Florida

By Marty Clear and Carol Gentry
5/27/2010 © Health News Florida

The nurse accused of causing an outbreak of hepatitis C in Hillsborough County last year through sloppy practice has finally been identified by state health authorities in an order suspending her license.