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College students across Florida are packing bars off campus and private parties while breaking rules about wearing masks and maintaining social distance during the fall semester – and other students themselves are often reporting violations to authorities.

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Florida State University President John Thrasher announced Monday on Twitter that he and his wife have been cleared by the state Department of Health after testing positive for the coronavirus this month.

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Former Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden has been released from the hospital after being treated for COVID-19.

Bowden family friend Kim Shiff says the 90-year-old college Hall of Famer was back home after a weeklong stay at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.

Florida State University President John Thrasher has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement, the university says "President and Mrs. (Jean) Thrasher are isolating at home and monitoring their symptoms. Both are feeling well at this time, and the president is working from home."

The University, along with public health officials, is conducting contact tracing. Those who have been in contact with the Thrashers are advised to follow CDC guidelines.

Former Florida State University and hall of fame football coach Bobby Bowden says he’s tested positive for the coronavirus. The 91-year-old has told other media outlets he believes he contracted the virus during a recent hospital stay over a leg infection.

Bowden tested positive for the virus last week and is planning to be tested again. He told the Tallahassee Democrat that he doesn’t have much energy but is otherwise feeling okay.

Bowden retired from FSU in 2009. He won two national championships and a dozen division titles.

DeSantis Pushes Back At ‘Draconian’ University COVID Policies

Sep 25, 2020
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Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks students who attend Florida’s 12 state universities should be able to socialize without worrying about getting thrown out of school.

Florida State University sign on campus reminding students to wear masks.

Florida State University president John Thrasher sent a statement via email to students Friday. In it, he thanks those who have been wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing. But he also says students who ignore COVID-19 safety guidelines are putting everyone at risk.

Florida State University has investigated some 45 students for violating the school's COVID-19 safety rules. The university has come under scrutiny for the behavior of some students who've flouted safety protocols.

Universities are starting to see students test positive for COVID-19 as in-person classes continue. Colleges are working to quarantine students to prevent the virus from spreading.

Videos and photos of Florida State University students not wearing masks or social distancing are flooding social media. More than 830 students have tested positive for the coronavirus, causing one quarantine dorm, Rogers Hall, to fill up already.

The New York Times lists Tallahassee as the 2nd metro area where coronavirus cases are rising the fastest, on a population-adjusted basis. Leon County has 7,943 COVID-19 infections.

Florida State University classes are in full swing. Students walk across campus and lounge on Landis Green. Some wear masks—others don't. University policy requires faculty, staff, and students to mask up—whether they're outside, in classrooms or residence halls. But that's not always happening, says Jennifer, who lives in one of the dorms on FSU's campus.

FSU COVID-19 Guidelines Not Accessible To All Students

Aug 27, 2020

Florida State University has posted signs on campus and inside buildings asking students to wear masks and practice social distancing. But some students are having a difficult time accessing all of Florida State University's COVID-19 guidelines.

When Reahna Robinson stepped into an elevator inside her dorm, and another person joined her, something didn't feel right.

"I was kind of feeling a little bit uncomfortable just because it was a tight space," Robinson says.

Florida Universities Try To Stem Coronavirus Cases

Aug 26, 2020
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Florida university officials have started suspending fraternities and punishing students who flout coronavirus-safety measures, as schools grapple with cases of the virus at the beginning of the fall semester.

FSU Revises Remote-Work Policy Amid Pushback

Jul 6, 2020
Florida State University

Florida State University officials on Thursday backpedaled from a memo that said employees would no longer be able to care for children while working from home starting in August. 

University officials told employees last week that, effective Aug. 7, the school would revert to its “normal policy and will no longer allow employees to care for children while working remotely.”

The United States remains in the midst of a global pandemic. While protests over police brutality have pushed the coronavirus to the side in headlines, COVID-19 is still a public health threat.

An appeals court Thursday said a former Florida State University fraternity president and two other men can face felony hazing charges in the 2017 death of a pledge who drank heavily at an off-campus party.

A divided panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal overturned a Leon County circuit judge’s ruling that tossed out felony charges against former Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity chapter President Anthony Petagine and fraternity members Luke Kluttz and Anthony Oppenheimer.

FSU Medical School Draws Warning From Accrediting Organization

Dec 16, 2019

Florida State University’s medical school has received a warning from the organization responsible for accrediting medical schools across the United States and Canada.

The council that governs most fraternities in North America has voted to ban hard alcohol in chapter houses and at events. A Florida State University official is calling that a “step forward.”

Florida State University is now facing another lawsuit over guns—this time, over the storage of rifles and shotguns in a vehicle on campus. It builds on a previous suit filed by a gun rights group a few years ago.

A group of activists want no trace of lead in Florida’s drinking water – whether it be in schools or government buildings. The group found elevated lead levels in drinking fountains in Florida’s Capitol.

A judge has granted a request by defense attorneys in the Andrew Coffey hazing case to get more specific charges from the prosecution.

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Five men have accepted a plea deal and will serve jail time for the hazing death of a Florida State University student.

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The National Science Foundation announced Monday that it has renewed support for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, with an investment of $184 million over the next five years.

The Florida attorney who was instrumental in crafting the state’s current hazing law more than a decade ago now has his sights set on making hazing deaths punishable as a felony in all 50 states.

Can you improve your brain function by playing certain types of games or watching videos that claim to boost mental capacity? Some Tallahassee-based researchers have been looking into that question.

Florida State University is touting its medical school program as well as its diversity.

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act appears almost certain. On Monday (1/23) a Tallahassee doctor who also teaches at the Florida State University College of Medicine was speaking on what might happen next.

A Florida State University program is one of several recognized for its continued advancement of independence for blind and visually impaired Floridians.

FSU Settles Lawsuit With Woman Who Accused Winston Of Rape

Jan 26, 2016
Paul Sancya/Associated Press / Associated Press Photo

Florida State University has settled a Title IX lawsuit with a former student who said the school failed to adequately investigate allegations that she was raped by former star quarterback Jameis Winston.

  A Florida State University student who wants to bring her gun to this weekend's football game sued the school Tuesday over a policy that bans legal gun owners from locking their firearms in their cars while in the stadium cheering on their team.