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On World AIDS Day: Progress, But There's 'So Much Of It Out There'

It's World AIDS Day, a time to pause, reflect and read up on the disease that remains a critical problem around the globe.

On Morning Edition, co-host Steve Inskeep and NPR's Richard Knox talked about the progress that's been made in treating and preventing the spread of AIDS/HIV. One particularly striking moment came when Steve asked about why millions of people are still dying.

More treatment is getting out there, Richard noted, and about 20% fewer people are dying from the disease now than in 2004. But, he said, "for every person who's put on treatment, two more people are getting infected":

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a website here with what it hopes are "simple, powerful and engaging ways" for anyone interested in fighting the spread of AIDS/HIV to take action. Among its tools: An "HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Prodvider Locator." There's a widget for that, so we'll add it right here:

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