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Orlando doctor could lose license after the death of a Brazilian butt lift patient

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According to a judge's ruling, the doctor perforated the abdominal muscles of the patient during a liposuction procedure, causing damage to her liver, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, veins and arteries.

An Orlando physician could lose his license after an administrative law judge backed allegations made by the Florida Department of Health, including that the doctor breached a standard of care during a botched liposuction procedure that resulted in a patient’s death.

Judge Andrew Manko on Tuesday issued a 33-page recommended order in a case that focused, in part, on Dr. Christopher Arthur Roy Walker performing abdominal liposuction procedures as part of what are known as “Brazilian butt lifts.”

In Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction is used to remove fat that is then transferred to patients’ buttocks.

Manko’s ruling said Walker in a 2021 procedure perforated the abdominal muscles of a patient, causing damage to her liver, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, veins and arteries.

The woman, identified by the initials U.O., suffered internal bleeding and cardiac arrest and died after being taken to a hospital, according to Manko’s ruling.

The Department of Health filed a series of complaints against Walker, including alleging that he breached a standard of care with U.O., that he was not competent to perform liposuctions and that he did not meet certain requirements for office surgery centers.

“Based on the findings of fact, the department proved that respondent (Walker) committed numerous violations of Florida law,” Manko wrote. “His conduct resulted in one patient’s death, and his decision to perform abdominal liposuctions and to do so in an office setting without the requisite safeguards in place to ensure patient safety exposed his patients to potential injury.”

Under administrative law, Manko’s recommended order will go to the department for final action. He recommended revocation of Walker’s license. But he also offered an alternative of the department imposing a $40,000 fine, suspending Walker and placing permanent restrictions on the doctor performing cosmetic or surgical procedures.