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Affordable Care Act

Governors: ACA Here To Stay

 Though controversy over health care reform continues, America’s governors appear to agree on one thing: the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, according to the Associated Press

This weekend in Washington D.C., Republican and Democratic governors said a complete repeal of the law would be impractical, especially since states already are implementing the ACA with varying degrees of success, the AP reports.

Florida is one of six Republican-led states that are on schedule to match or exceed initially projected figures for health insurance sign-ups, AP reports.

Still, not all lawmakers are conceding that the health care law should stay in place. Sen. Ted Cruz attacked the health care law at a Friday evening Palm Beach County Lincoln Day dinner, according to the AP. Cruz said though his movement last year to stop the ACA resulted in a partial government shutdown, people were at least made aware of the health care law’s shortcomings, the AP reports.

Also, the health care law continues to be a heated political talking point in Florida, especially for the District 13 Congressional candidates, Democrat Alex Sink and Republican David Jolly, according to the AP. The race is being viewed as a preview for the nationwide Congressional campaign this fall. Ads for both sides are using Obamacare and Medicare as major talking points in television ads and mailers.