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Taking Aim On Guns

A Florida gun-shop chain that has eight target-shooting ranges has stopped renting firearms following a rash of suicides. Khaled Akkawi, founder of Shoot Straight, made the decision after the latest suicide, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

In other gun news, a blind man who is on trial for murder after shooting a drinking buddy  was granted a “stand your ground” motion for immunity.  John Wayne Rogers shot James T. DeWitt in 2012 after a drinking session at Rogers’ home, according to the Orlando Sentinel.  Rogers had faced the possibility of life in prison.  The judge, however, granted him immunity under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, which permits the use of lethal force if a threat exists.

Finally, a gun rights group is suing the University of Florida over a ban on firearms in  campus housing.  This comes shortly after a similar lawsuit against the University of North Florida’s ban on storing guns in cars parked on campus, according to the Associated Press.  Florida Carry sent notices to all Florida universities and colleges that it would sue any school not repealing similar bans.

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