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Doctor Who Lost License Arrested

Sarasota Police Department

Leonard Rubinstein, 59, whose license to practice medicine was permanently revoked a year ago, has been arrested on charges of practicing without a license, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports (paywall alert)

The former physician, who was accused of bilking numerous patients and insurers over decades, survived numerous disciplinary efforts by the Board of Medicine, including probation and supervision, until December 2012. But it appears that he didn't let the license revocation stop him.

According to Sarasota Police Department, Rubinstein saw patients at the Center for Integration in Cosmetic Surgery. After receiving complaints, the department sent in an undercover female officer who said she sought breast implant surgery.

Rubinstein is reported to have told the undercover officer that he does his surgeries in Cancun, Mexico -- a resort town that is easy and relatively inexpensive to fly to from Tampa.

He allegedly discussed the operative procedure and medication he would prescribe, as well as prices.  He even offered a discount of $1,000 if the procedure could be scheduled quickly, police said.

Lt. James Rieser, 941-954-7093, wants to talk with anyone who may have been a patient of Rubinstein's after Dec. 7, 2012, the Herald-Tribune reported.