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'Rock Doc' Charged With Fraud

Dr. Christopher Gregory Wayne, called the “Rock Doc" and known by a signature punk-rock hairstyle, has been charged with 12 counts of Medicare fraud, The Miami Herald reports (paywall alert).


The Miami Beach resident is accused of inappropriately submitting claims for physical therapy procedures, such as massages and electrical stimulation.

According to a profile published by the Wall Street Journal, Wayne’s medical practice was paid more than $2.6 million from Medicare over about two years. The high rate of billing caught the attention of Medicare administrators, who cracked down on his claims

Wayne eventually sold that practice and went to work for a pain clinic, but he soon got in trouble with the Florida Department of Health. He was eventually barred from working at pain clinics.

Wayne’s Facebook page says he works in the emergency room at Larkin Community Hospital. That’s where he was arrested Monday.

He’s being held in the Miami Federal Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing on Thursday.

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