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Tweet Us Your Best, Whether Dark Or In Jest, Poems Up To 140, And We'll Do The Rest

Tweet your poems at #NPRpoetry
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Tweet your poems at #NPRpoetry

We're a week into National Poetry Month. And if you followed our haiku-heavy Super Bowl coverage, you can bet we're not letting April slip by without a nod to the art of the verse.

All Things Considered is asking listeners to help us indulge in the annual affair. Twitter may have expanded its character limit, but we're asking you to play by our original rules: Send us your original 140-character poems with #NPRpoetry.

Those bounds should offer a suitable framework for you to cook up something "meaty and delightful," insists Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith. "Usually, I write a poem and I end up taking about 30 percent away," Smith tells NPR's Michel Martin. If poetry is a compact language, Twitter's character limit presents a perfect canvas to exploit the literary form.

Fill our feeds with your haikus, tankas, limericks and the nonsensical, and we'll feature some of our favorite bite-sized verses online and on the air.

Many of you have already answered the call. Here's an early sprinkling of your work:

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