Wolfson Children's Hospital

A new partnership forged between Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and Jacksonville-based Wolfson Children’s Hospital is billed as an expansion of pediatric emergency services. Technology like telemedicine plays a role.

Trauma Center Approved For Children's Hospital

Dec 7, 2017
Wolfson Children's Hospital

The Florida Department of Health has signed off on a plan by Wolfson Children's Hospital to open a pediatric trauma center.

Judge Backs Plan For Pediatric Trauma Center

Nov 15, 2017

An administrative law judge said Tuesday that the Florida Department of Health should approve a proposal to open a pediatric trauma center at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville’s Wolfson Children’s Hospital is challenging the state’s rejection of its application to operate a trauma center.

Children’s Hospital Challenges Trauma Center Denial

Jun 2, 2017
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A Jacksonville children's hospital is challenging a decision by the Florida Department of Health that prevented the hospital from opening a trauma center.


The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration approved two new hospitals Friday and denied two others.

Generous caregivers in Jacksonville have saved the lives of two teenage girls from  Uganda who were “living on borrowed time” from a congenital heart defect, Children’s Heart Project director Cindy Bonsall told the Florida Times-Union.