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Camp Shine — a free arts therapy program that began over the summer for survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting — was back in session in Parkland last week.

Lawmaker Seeks Regulation Of Music Therapy

Sep 2, 2015
Empath Health

A South Florida senator Tuesday filed a proposal that calls for state regulation and licensure of music therapists.

Music Therapy Bill Passes Senate Hurdle

Apr 9, 2015
Crystal Chavez / Health News Florida

A bill that would require music therapists in Florida to get a state license passed a State Senate committee. The bill was unanimously approved by the Senate Health Policy committee Tuesday.

Music therapists with specific education and training to help patients cope and heal from a variety of illnesses are currently certified by a national board.

Music Therapy Licensing Being Considered

Mar 20, 2015
Crystal Chavez / Health News Florida

Miracle Millionor sits on her hospital bed, wearing a red, fuzzy beanie and shaking a big, blue-beaded maraca at Florida Hospital for Children. The 10-year-old’s music therapist, Rich Moats, sits on the bed across from her—guitar in hand.

It’s hard to tell Miracle has been suffering from severe migraines stemming from a brain hemorrhage. She’s been in the hospital for three weeks and has tried all sorts of things to deal with her pain, including yoga and pet therapy.

Empath Health

Julie Martin sits at a table in a nondescript room at Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater. She strums an instrument called a Qchord, a type of electronic autoharp.

"Hello my friends. Hello my friends," she sings in a slow, comforting voice. "Hello my friends, it's nice to see you today."

Martin, a board certified music therapist, sings "The Hello Song" with every Alzheimer's patient, every time she sees them.  She said music can help these patients reconnect to their lost memories.

Music is often part of some of our biggest moments. From singing happy birthday to your favorite song that you always sing along to, music can help you connect and remember. Studies have shown that music can also become a form of therapy.

Only seven states require a license for music therapists. Florida isn't one of them. But some music therapy professionals in the Sunshine State are trying to change that.