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Florida health officials are continuing to monitor the spread of coronavirus.
According to the Florida Department of Health, 264 people are currently under public health monitoring, which means they are at risk of having been exposed to COVID-19.

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Feds Seek To Recoup $412 Million In Medicaid Money From Miami Hospital

Sep 5, 2019
Stethoscope on a pile of money.

Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital got hundreds of millions in Medicaid dollars that it shouldn’t have received between 2010 and 2014, auditors say, and now the federal government wants the money back. 

AHCA Chief Sides With Miami Hospital In Federal Audit

Jul 30, 2019
The newly confirmed head of the Agency for Health Care Administration.

A top Florida health official on Monday disagreed with the findings of a draft federal audit that contends the state overpaid hundreds of millions of dollars to one of Florida’s biggest public hospitals and that $436 million should be returned to the federal government. 

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A state appeals court Wednesday cleared the way for a lawsuit stemming from injuries suffered by a psychiatric patient who was beaten by another patient at a Miami-Dade County facility. 


Siding with the University of Miami, an appeals court Wednesday upheld the constitutionality of a 2011 state law designed to shield some medical schools and doctors from liability in medical-malpractice cases.

Brad Clorie drove three hours from Kissimmee, Florida to attend the 100th birthday celebration of Jackson Health System on Monday—and for good reason.

“I was the first African-African born at Jackson Memorial Hospital,” Clorie said. “It’s exciting. I’m honored.”

At an event in Jackson's Alamo Park, the community honored how much the hospital has grown since its inception in 1918. Back then, Jackson was called Miami City Hospital. It only had 13 beds and a handful of employees. Now, the hospital system employs 12,000 health-care professionals full-time.

Time is one of the biggest factors in treating strokes — and a group of South Florida researchers say they’ve found a way to buy stroke patients more time.

If a person has a stroke, the sooner they get treatment, the better their odds are of surviving and of healing without permanent disability. Generally, the thinking has been that patients have a window of no more than six hours for a clot-removal surgery to be effective.

But people don’t always know when they’ve had a stroke — like if it happens while they’re sleeping. And that complicates treatment options. 


Hospitals keep a list of what they charge for health care. But if you have insurance, that charge may have nothing to do with what your insurance company has negotiated and what your out-of-pocket expenses would be.

Children's Hospital Pushes To Provide Heart Transplants

Mar 29, 2016

After getting turned down by the state Agency for Health Care Administration, Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami-Dade County is taking its proposal for a pediatric heart-transplant program to an administrative law judge.

The story of Maria Huaman has set off a score of comments online, criticizing everything from Jackson Memorial Hospital to the organ transplant process.

Huaman died on Jan. 13 at West Kendall Baptist Hospital. According to Huaman's family, Maria was denied a transfer to Jackson for a lung transplant. Why she was denied comes from the family because the hospital has not spoken.

Jackson Memorial Hospital should take some, but not all the responsibility for inappropriately prescribing a pregnant woman a laxative, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

A Miami-Dade jury awarded Janneral Denson and her now 17-year-old son $128,700 in damages related to the 1997 incident. Denson was seven months pregnant when U.S. Customs agents accused her of smuggling drugs following a trip from Jamaica, the Sun Sentinel reports.

A West Palm Beach woman wrongly accused of drug smuggling testified that Jackson Memorial Hospital was negligent for forcing her to take a laxative when she was seven months pregnant, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

A 6-year-old girl who nearly died after testing positive for influenza and strep was expected to make a full recovery, her doctors said Tuesday from the Miami hospital where she was being treated.

Victoria Bermudez was diagnosed in February. After being rushed to the emergency room, she went into cardiac arrest three times and her body went into septic shock, impacting her organs.

Public Keeps Pushing for Expansion

Mar 28, 2014

A campaign - that some would call a doomed campaign - to expand Medicaid for Florida's uninsured poor continued in Tallahassee on Thursday with a mass lobby conducted by doctors and nurses from Miami's Jackson Hospital. They went from office to office in the state capitol seeking legislative support…but got basically nowhere.

For years, Miami Dade College sent its ultrasound students to Jackson Memorial Hospital for their hands-on training.  Then in 2010, without explanation, Jackson told the publicly supported college that its students would no longer be accepted for training.  

Needle-Exchange Bill Leaps Hurdles

Feb 18, 2014

 A bill creating a pilot needle-exchange program in South Florida received the unanimous backing of a Senate committee Monday, according to the Miami Herald. (paywall alert)

Next week, a House panel reviews the bill, which would provide drug users with clean needles, drug testing and vaccinations at no cost to taxpayers, the Herald says.

Sujatha Guduru of Oviedo had a 20-year history of mental illness. She had required hospitalization in a psychiatric ward three times, was seeing a mental-health counselor and taking psychotropic drugs. Yet Guduru was still able to walk into a local gun shop and buy a revolver.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

A first-ever attempt at transplanting five organs in a child has succeeded far beyond the hopes of the family and doctors of 3-year-old Adonis Ortiz, who was born with his intestines outside his body. The Tampa baby and his parents went on camera at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami this week to talk about the historic transplant, carried out in October. Doctors now expect that Adonis can go home early next year, 10 News reports. 

Miami-Dade voters approved the sale of $830 million in bonds to upgrade several hospitals and clinics that are part of the publicly owned Jackson Health System.  The bonds, which would be paid for through a rise in property taxes, was approved by more than 65 percent of voters on Tuesday, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Voters in Miami-Dade County today are considering a local referendum on whether to approve $832 million in bonds to finance construction and equipment at Jackson Health System , the Miami Herald reports (paywall alert).

Jackson Health System, which has asked voters to approve $830 million in bonds on Nov. 5, misled investors in a smaller bond offering four years ago, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Those who led the system at the time are no longer in power and the SEC said it would not seek financial penalties.

Screen grab from Jackson Health System YouTube video.

Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who lost his sight and much of his face in a bizarre attack on a Miami street almost a year ago, is recovering from his injuries and learning how to cope with being blind, his doctors say. 

At the last minute, lawmakers in the Florida Legislature agreed to provide $65 million in extra funding to help hospitals as they transition to a new formula for Medicaid payments, the Miami Herald reports. But now safety-net hospitals say they’re worried Gov. Rick Scott could veto that part of the budget.