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Strokes: how to prevent them, how to treat them. Mayo Jax specialists offer answers


This episode of "What's Health Got to Do with It?" is devoted to strokes — what causes them, how to prevent them, how to treat them and more?

A stroke is a medical emergency in which the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, leading to damage and dysfunction. The devastating results can affect the way sufferers speak, think and even breathe.

However, the health care surrounding stroke has improved significantly over the years. Like heart attacks, there are now specialized treatment centers, ambulances and doctors.

So much can be done for patients if treated quickly.

Yet, it remains one of the leading causes of death and disability globally. In just the United States, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds, making it a significant public health concern.

This episode of "What's Health Got to Do With It?" is devoted to strokes: causes, prevention, treatment and more.

First, we speak with Dr. Josephine Huang, director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

Then, we talk with Dr. Michelle Lin, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, and Dr. Rabih Tawk, a cerebrovascular neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, about strokes in young people.

"What's Health Got to Do with It?" is a WJCT program hosted by Jacksonville neurologist Dr. Joe Sirven that examines the intersection of health care and daily life.

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