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Survey: Perceived high cost of insurance keeps Floridians from enrolling


Most marketplace health insurance plans cost $10 a month, yet a majority of survey respondents said they believe it was $50 to $500 per month.

Thousands of uninsured Floridians say the perceived high cost of health plans keep them from seeking coverage for themselves and their families, according to a survey from Florida Blue.
Survey participants between the ages of 21 and 64 say the main reason for not enrolling in a health plan in Florida is the perceived high cost of insurance.

Seventy percent say they, “believe they couldn’t afford health insurance.”

The study found uninsured families tend to avoid seeking medical care unless they’re sick.

A majority of respondents said they believe insurance costs $50 to $500 per month. However, four out of five people can find plans for $10 or less a month on the federal health care marketplace. Most plans cover preventative care including yearly doctor’s visits.

Open enrollment ends on Jan. 15 at