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Volusia Schools Working On Medical Marijuana Policy

Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.
The Florida Channel
Students with terminal conditions and chronic pain that qualify for medical marijuana may be able to take it at school.

The Volusia County School Board has drafted a policy that would allow qualified students to be administered medical marijuana on campus.

The policy is named after Zoe Adams, a six year old student who has a fatal neurological condition that causes her to get seizures unless she takes CBD oil-infused gummies. Her mom, Kim Adams, has been leading the fight to adopt the policy.

“I told her brother someday you’re going to be writing reports on this, about your sister,” Adams said.

If the policy is approved, Zoe and other students will be able to have medical marijuana administered to them during the school day by parents or other caregivers.

“Now children with cancer or epilepsy could get this treatment and have normal lives,” Adams said.

School Board Chair Linda Cuthbert says it’s an effort by the district to serve all students.

“It’s about students representing all the different spectrums having access to it,” Cuthbert said.

The policy will go through a 30-day public comment process. Then, the board could vote on it as soon as November.

Even though medical marijuana is legal in the state, it’s still illegal at the federal level.