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State Officials Begin Divvying Up Federal Opioid Grant Funding

Credit Nick Evans

Florida service providers are wasting no time taking advantage of nearly $30 million in federal money for addressing the opioid epidemic.

State officials will use the federal dollars to fund six new positions working with child protective services, drugs to counteract overdoses and prevention outreach programs.  Nearly $4 million will go the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association to purchase a drug called Vivitrol that helps people in recovery stay clean by blocking the effects of opioids.  

Executive Director Mark Fontaine says, “Indications from the providers are that a patient on the medication generally does better and is more successful in that treatment episode.”

Vivitrol is a long-acting injection of naltrexone, and Fontaine explains the once-a-month injection is easier to manage than a daily version of the drug.   

But most of the money—about $17 million in all—will be parceled out to county and regional level programs who provide methadone treatment and counseling services.  

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