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Senator Optimistic About Marijuana Amendment Implementation

Credit Nick Evans

If the past is any guide, the road ahead could be challenging for Florida’s medical marijuana amendment.  But some lawmakers are optimistic.

Florida spent more than two years wrestling over how to grow and distribute non-euphoric marijuana under a law passed in 2014.  Now one of that measure’s sponsors, Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Orange Park), says the experience will make the transition to a broader medical cannabis program easier.

“I think Florida’s going to be a trend setter for the nation quite frankly because we’ve already done a lot of homework on this issue,” Bradley says.  “We already have the Office of Compassionate Use set up, so we have a regulatory body in place.”

Throughout the Amendment Two campaign, opponents raised concerns about marijuana candy and the number or location of dispensaries.  But Bradley says packaging and local control provisions in current law should prevent most problems. 

“There is a delivery system in place ready to go,” he adds.  “So I anticipate it being a smooth transition from what we have right now to a post-Amendment Two world, and I think most of these issues have been addressed.”

After the 2016 election 28 states now allow some form of recreational or medical marijuana consumption.  

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