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Affordable Care Act

Theme Parks Dropping ‘Mini-Meds’


SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa will drop their “mini-med” plans for seasonal and part-time workers come Jan. 1, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Only a small fraction of employees are enrolled in the extremely limited benefit plans, which don’t meet the standards set by the Affordable Care Act for health insurance plans. Universal Studios announced early this year it would also be getting rid of its “mini-med” plans. It’s still uncertain if any of the theme parks will offer comprehensive health plans to their part-time employees.

In other news about the Affordable Care Act, Primary Care Access Network in Central Florida says it will hire a dozen counselors to help people sign up for health insurance on the new online Marketplace, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Health-advocacy group Florida CHAIN will have nine trained navigators; the nonprofit is also planning enrollment fairs across Florida.

Groups that received federal funds for navigators, including $7.8 million in Florida, have received letters from a U.S. House Committee asking them to report how they are spending the money, and other information, Kaiser Health News reports.