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Jacksonville’s Memorial Hospital this week received state approval to operate its trauma center that’s a specialized facility treating the most gravely injured patients.


The Florida Department of Health on Friday issued a final order rejecting a challenge to a new trauma center at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville.

Orange Park Medical Center is celebrating a new state law cementing its status as a trauma center. The law settles a long-fought battle over how many trauma centers are allowed to operate in Florida and where.

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Gov. Rick Scott signed 38 bills into law on Wednesday, including a measure that supporters hope will end years of battling in the hospital industry about the approval of trauma centers.

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A bill approved by the Florida Legislature would end HCA’s bid to open a trauma center at Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Trauma Center Approved For Children's Hospital

Dec 7, 2017
Wolfson Children's Hospital

The Florida Department of Health has signed off on a plan by Wolfson Children's Hospital to open a pediatric trauma center.

Judge Backs Plan For Pediatric Trauma Center

Nov 15, 2017

An administrative law judge said Tuesday that the Florida Department of Health should approve a proposal to open a pediatric trauma center at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville.

It costs American hospitals about $622 million every year to admit patients with gunshot wounds—and it turns out, we’re all paying the bills.

That’s according to a new study in the journal Injury Epidemiology that tapped into a national sample of hospital records to gauge the cost of admitting patients with firearm injuries.

The researchers broke the costs down by injury type, demographics and insurance status.

Among the findings:

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Bayfront Health is fighting the state over another hospital's request to open a second trauma center in St. Petersburg.  

Panama City State Representative Jay Trumball’s legislation makes it easier to set up more trauma centers in the state. But hospitals say it will destroy the quality of care patients get. Doctors took to the Capitol Tuesday to oppose the measure.

Judge Tosses Out Trauma System Plan

Mar 28, 2017
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As lawmakers debate revamping the trauma-care system, a judge Tuesday rejected a plan by the Florida Department of Health that likely would have led to an increase in trauma centers across the state.

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Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg filed a letter of intent with the state to open Pinellas County’s second trauma center.

Plan Would Scrap Limits On Trauma Centers

Feb 8, 2017

A Senate Republican on Tuesday filed a proposal that would eliminate caps on the numbers of trauma centers in the state.

Judge: State Erred In Handling Of Trauma Center

Nov 16, 2016

An administrative law judge has ruled that the Florida Department of Health improperly allowed a Miami-Dade County hospital to operate an upgraded trauma center amid a legal challenge from competing hospitals.

Public Health Trust Loses Round In Trauma Fights

Apr 11, 2016

An administrative law judge Friday ruled against the Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County in one of a series of fights about Florida's trauma-care system.

New Trauma Proposal Draws Challenges

Mar 22, 2016

Broward County and major hospital systems in Jacksonville and Miami are challenging the Florida Department of Health about a proposed change in the way trauma centers are divvied up among various parts of the state.

Judge Rejects Department Decision On Trauma Center

Mar 1, 2016

An administrative law judge Monday ruled that the Florida Department of Health should not have turned down a proposal by Jackson South Community Hospital to open a trauma center in southern Miami-Dade County.

Trauma Care Fight Flares In South FL

Jun 4, 2015

Florida's trauma care battles are back.

Two major health care systems in South Florida have launched legal challenges against a state Department of Health decision that allowed Aventura Hospital and Medical Center to open a trauma center this spring. Meanwhile, another Miami-Dade County hospital, Jackson South Community Hospital, is fighting a state denial of its plan for a trauma center.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is now operating as a Level II trauma center, making it the first designated trauma center in Sarasota County, the Bradenton Herald reports. Sarasota Memorial says its newly hired trauma surgeons and upgraded ER will treat 500 new trauma patients this year, the Herald reports. Blake Medical Center, in neighboring Manatee County, is the other designated trauma center in the region. 


Army Ranger Cory Remsburg 'Leads the Way'

Sep 24, 2014

Army Ranger Cory Remsburg returns each year to James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa to show the staff his progress. He was severely injured in 2009 and spent two years recovering at Haley’s Polytrauma Center.

Remsburg was on his tenth deployment when he was injured by an IED in Afghanistan. His teammates found him face down in a water-filled canal with shrapnel in his brain.

He was in a coma when he arrived at the Haley.

A new study shows that critically injured patients with health insurance are more likely to stay put at non-trauma hospitals than be transferred to more skilled facilities, according to Kaiser Health News and NPR.

The Florida Department of Health is proposing a new formula for determining the need for new hospital trauma centers, the News Service of Florida reports. 

The scoring system will factor in population, transport times to hospitals and community support, and whether there are Level 1 trauma centers in the area that might lose their patient base.

A former state Supreme Court Justice will referee the bitter fight over hospital trauma centers. The Florida Department of Health’s attorney told the House Health Innovation Subcommittee that starting next week, former justice Ken Bell will referee talks about the rules determining where and how many new specialized hospital trauma centers can operate, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The Florida Department of Health’s new plan for approving hospital trauma centers continues to attract debate from parties that have bickered over the issue for years.

At a hearing Wednesday in Orlando, supporters of suburban, mostly for-profit hospitals applauded the plan that could increase the state’s number of trauma centers from 25 to 43, the News Service of Florida reported.

A two-year legal battle over trauma centers made its way to a state appeals court Tuesday.  Four hospitals in Florida -- three in Tampa Bay and one in Jacksonville -- are trying to block the HCA hospital chain from opening more trauma centers in their regions, according to the Miami Herald.

Dr. Tanya L. Zakrison, who moved to Miami so she could get enough violent trauma cases for her training, reflects on the culture of violence she has faced at Jackson’s Ryder Trauma Center.