St. Lucie County

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Citizen scientists in Port St. Lucie found microplastics in their major waterways. 


Swimmers were told to stay out of the water at several beaches in Martin and St. Lucie Counties this past weekend.

Public health workers will be asking about 300 people for blood samples amid a dengue fever outbreak that has sickened 18, the Palm Beach Post reports. Workers from the Florida Department of Health in Martin County will knock on doors at more than 700 homes to figure out how widespread the mosquito-borne virus outbreak is. 

Public health officials in Florida are once again scrambling to contain an outbreak of dengue fever, a disease spread by mosquitoes.

Until 2009, when it surfaced in Key West, the tropical disease hadn't been seen in Florida in more than 70 years.

Now there are concerns dengue may establish a foothold in the state.

The state’s largest blood collection agency has stopped collecting blood in Martin and St. Lucie counties amid several reports of dengue fever, the Palm Beach Post reports. OneBlood provides blood to 200 hospitals in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.