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Blue-Green Algae Closes Beaches In Martin And St. Lucie Counties

The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

Swimmers were told to stay out of the water at several beaches in Martin and St. Lucie Counties this past weekend.

Blue-green algae sometimes found in the St. Lucie River after releases from Lake Okeechobee washed up on several beaches beginning Friday. Most swimmers heeded the advisory issued by county officials. In Jensen Beach, Sherry Reedy of Baltimore was among those on the sand.

“I was shocked myself,” Reedy said. “It’s my first day at the beach and find out there’s algae in there and we can’t swim so I’m just gonna enjoy the sun and lay out here and try to enjoy it as long as we can.”

She said if she got too hot, she may venture into the water up to her knees while keeping an eye out for the algae.

Meanwhile, Brett Jenkins of Cowabunga Surf Camp plans to cancel the camp Monday and Tuesday.

“We thought it would be best since the heat this summer that we cancel camp completely for two days and we’ll just do a short week of camp right now and then hopefully it clears out by the middle of this week and then we start again,” Jenkins said.

Despite possible business losses, Jenkins said his main concern was for the environment.