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A bill filed Friday would give some help to expectant mothers who are behind bars.

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Juvenile Confinement Case

Dec 10, 2019
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A federal judge Friday rejected a request by the state Department of Juvenile Justice to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the use of solitary confinement for juveniles. 

State, Groups Wage Court Fights Over Solitary Confinement

Nov 12, 2019
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In separate but parallel lawsuits, civil-rights and legal groups are challenging Florida’s use of solitary confinement in prisons and juvenile detention centers —- but are facing pushback from state agencies. 

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Two 13-year-olds and a 16-year-old sued the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice on Thursday, alleging their health and well-being were put in danger when the state placed them in solitary confinement.

New Plaintiffs Added to Solitary Confinement Case

Jul 3, 2019
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By News Service of Florida

Nearly two months after the Southern Poverty Law Center sued the Florida Department of Corrections for "widely overusing" solitary confinement in state prisons, the group has added new plaintiffs to the case. 

A class-action lawsuit has been filed challenging the use of solitary confinement in Florida prisons.

Florida is an “outlier” in prison systems across the nation when it comes to the use of solitary confinement, according to a 90-page federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that alleges the state Department of Corrections is violating the constitutional rights of inmates.

Palm Beach County is eliminating solitary confinement for juveniles in adult jails.

The change comes after Palm Beach County's Sheriff's Office reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that alleged the practice violated the civil rights of it’s youngest inmates. 

The School District of Palm Beach was also mentioned in the lawsuit. 

The county’s sheriff office did not respond to WLRN’s requests for comment.