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A company that runs pain clinics in northeast Florida will pay the federal government $7.4 million after an investigation found that it was fraudulently billing Medicare for unneeded patient drug tests.

A man running a Winter Garden pain clinic intimidated a doctor on his payroll so intensely she prescribed powerful narcotics as she herself was being treated at a hospital, she told investigators.

A Port Richey doctor was arrested Wednesday on 12 charges of operating an unlicensed pain clinic.

Dr. Christopher Gregory Wayne, called the “Rock Doc" and known by a signature punk-rock hairstyle, has been charged with 12 counts of Medicare fraud, The Miami Herald reports (paywall alert).


Dirk Shadd / Tampa Bay Times

A well-known Tampa pain specialist, Dr. David H. VanDercar, has voluntarily relinquished his license rather than fight a charge of inappropriate prescribing.

VanDercar, who operated Tampa Pain Clinic for many years, faced a state Department of Health complaint filed last year that said he over-prescribed several types of painkillers – including oxycodone, valium and methadone – to a patient identified only by his initials, JNE.  (The patient was later identified as Jeremy Eubanks, a young UPS driver who was sent to prison after being convicted of robbing pharmacies).

Dr. Cynthia Cadet, accused of causing the overdose deaths of nine patients treated at Chris George’s so-called pain clinics, has been portrayed by her attorney as a victim in the $40 million pill-mill scheme, the Palm Beach Post reports. Her attorney claims Cadet often refused to write prescriptions for out-of-state patients, while George testified the doctor often wrote more prescriptions than other physicians that worked at the clinics. 

Police say bus drivers were involved in a health-insurance scheme to defraud Miami-Dade County, the Miami Herald reports. The county employees let a pain clinic bill for 758 bogus treatments and 135 visits, police say.  


WPTV reports that three physicians who continued to operate a Boca Raton pain clinic after its license was revoked have been arrested, citing a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of another doctor, Edward Jose Mila Prats.

Chiropractor Mark Cereceda, owner of a Hialeah accident clinic, has been charged with making his employees and their family members donate to political campaigns and then reimbursing them, to get around the $500 limit on personal donations, the Miami Herald reports. Two of the most powerful state senators -- President Don Gaetz and Joe Negron -- received the contributions, although investigators say they don’t think the candidates knew they were illegal.