Jane Castor

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and four health professors from the University of South Florida discussed how COVID-19 has impacted employment, minority communities and the future health of the greater Tampa Bay region.

Castor said nearly $8 million has been spent providing financial support for people needing to pay mortgages, rent and utilities. Castor said these programs aimed to help small businesses as well.

Tampa is cracking down on restaurants that do not follow laws designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Wednesday, it sent a warning letter to over 80 businesses that sell alcohol. The letter was sent to a list of businesses in a city contact list, and was not saying that these specific establishments were in violation of city ordinances.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said Thursday she'll enact an ordinance requring people working with the public to wear masks to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. It would also require anyone walking into a business in the city to wear masks.

The mayors of Tampa Bay's two largest cities are reacting to state Republican leaders floating the possibility that this summer's Republican National Convention could be coming to Florida.