‘Medicare For All’ Emerges As Early Divide In First Democratic Debate

Jun 27, 2019
Streets closed because of the debate

During Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate — the first in a two-night event viewed as the de facto launch of the primary season — health policies, ranging from “Medicare for All” to efforts to curb skyrocketing drug prices, were among the key issues the 10 hopeful candidates onstage used to help differentiate themselves from the pack. 

Charlie Crist has been hitting current Gov. Rick Scott hard on his inability to expand Medicaid throughout the election season. During Tuesday's debate, Scott fired back at Crist, asking him why he didn't expand Medicaid in 2010, his final year as governor and the year the Affordable Care Act passed.

In their final debate before the upcoming election for governor, challenger Charlie Crist focused in on Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to back Medicaid expansion, the News Service of Florida reports. He said the refusal caused Florida to miss out on thousands of jobs. Crist also made reference to Scott’s stint as CEO of  hospital chain Columbia/HCA, previously rocked by a Medicare fraud scandal. As the News Service reports, Crist said Scott achieved his fortune in an “unsavory” way. 

The Associated Press

Politicians and pundits continued to pontificate on Tuesday’s multimillion-dollar District 13 Congressional race, won by Republican David Jolly. The bottom line: Obamacare’s going to remain a political punching bag for the GOP.