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Carnival cruise ship
Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Line is canceling most U.S. sailings through the end of this year. It's the latest sign that the cruise industry’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic could still be many months away.

The company says it's canceling sailings from all ports except its home ports of Miami and Port Canaveral, but it stressed that it still might not sail from those ports in November and December.

In Florida, restaurants and bars are now able to operate at full capacity with no coronavirus restrictions. Host Peter O’Dowd talks to Dr. Cindy Prins, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Florida, about the infection rate in Florida and whether the number of cases of coronavirus is likely to increase.


Mammograms don't reduce the number of women dying from breast cancer, according to a large and long-term Canadian study. It's the latest chunk of data to raise questions in an increasingly partisan debate about the use of mammograms to screen for cancer.