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Biden hopes ending cancer can be a 'national purpose' for the country

President Joe Biden is ending his COVID-19 isolation after testing negative for the virus on Tuesday, July 26, and again on Wednesday, July 27.
Evan Vucci
President Joe Biden is trying to set the nation’s sights on “ending cancer as we know it.”

Biden announced many of his cancer moonshot goals in February, in his speech Monday, he laid out some updates.

President Joe Biden is urging Americans to come together for a new “national purpose” — his administration’s effort to end cancer “as we know it.”

At the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Biden on Monday channeled JFK’s famed moonshot speech 60 years ago, likening the space race to his own effort.

Biden hopes to move the U.S. closer to the goal he set in February of cutting U.S. cancer fatalities by 50% over the next 25 years and dramatically improving the lives of caregivers and those suffering from cancer.

Experts say the objective is attainable — with adequate investments.

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