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In this statewide project, journalists explore the high costs of the pandemic for children and young adults. The project is supported in part by the Hammer Family Charitable Foundation and the Education Writers Association.

Class Of COVID-19 Project Gives Many Faces To Florida's Education System Issues

WUSF's Kerry Sheridan and project editor Jessica Bakeman talk about the series of education stories and how vulnerable populations of students are facing the educational challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. But for children, it’s catastrophic.

On this week's episode of "Florida Matters," we talk about Class of COVID-19, a recently launched project looking into the pandemic’s effect on disadvantaged children in Florida's education system. Reporters at public radio stations across Florida wrote stories for the project, including WUSF's Kerry Sheridan.

Sheridan wrote about Hillsborough County's migrant education program and how its advocates have had to adapt their work since the coronavirus arrived in Florida almost a year ago.

Host Bradley George talks with her about how she reported the story despite the new challenges. Sheridan first began reporting on the program in late 2019.

Also joining the conversation is Jessica Bakeman, a reporter and project editor at WLRN Miami.

You can listen the episode above. Click on the "Listen" button just under the headline. Or you can also listen on the WUSF app.

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Dinorah Prevost is a WUSF Public Media news intern for summer 2018.
Bradley George comes to WUSF from Atlanta, where he was a reporter, host, and editor at Georgia Public Broadcasting. While in Atlanta, he reported for NPR, Marketplace, Here & Now, and The Takeaway. His work has been recognized by , the Georgia Associated Press, and the Atlanta Press Club. Prior to his time in Georgia, Bradley worked at public radio stations in Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina.