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Florida Coronavirus Positivity Rate Spike Sustained Into Wednesday

The positivity rate for new coronavirus cases in Florida continued to climb Wednesday.
The positivity rate for new coronavirus cases in Florida continued to climb Wednesday.

Tuesday's spike in the positivity rate for coronavirus tests continued into Wednesday.

The state got back the results for 61,931 tests Tuesday and of those tested for the first time, 7.75% were positive.

Monday, the positivity rate leapt a full percentage point — to 7.58% — from Sunday's rate.

Since Tuesday, 4,423 people tested positive, bringing statewide infections to 821,123. It's the fourth day in a row — and eighth of nine — the number of new cases topped 4,000.

According to Wednesday’s report from the Florida Department of Health, 771 people tested positive in the greater Tampa Bay region

State health officials recorded the deaths of 32 people due to complications from COVID-19 since Tuesday, bringing the statewide death toll to 17,131.

In the greater Tampa Bay area, the deaths of 10 people died due to the virus were recorded.

The deaths were recorded by the state since Tuesday’s report, but they may have occurred days or weeks earlier.

ABOUT THE DATA: The Florida Department of Health produces a daily update around 11 a.m. with information about COVID-19 cases and deaths that were reported over the previous 24 hours. Cases and deaths in the report may have happened days or weeks earlier, according to state officials. The state separately tracks cases and deaths that occurred on specific days on its dashboard and those totals are frequently updated.

Greater Tampa Bay region positive case and death totals as of Wednesday, November 4:

  • Hillsborough: 49,376/827
  • Pinellas: 26,679/829
  • Polk: 23,612/633
  • Manatee: 13,842/330
  • Pasco: 11,328/245
  • Sarasota: 10,082/348
  • Hernando: 3,869/177

Florida COVID-19 daily total of positive tests/deaths for the last two weeks:

  • Nov. 4: 4,423/32
  • Nov. 3: 4,637/56
  • Nov. 2: 4,651/46
  • Nov. 1: 4,865/29
  • Oct. 31: 2,331/41
  • Oct. 30: 5,592/73
  • Oct. 29: 4,198/79
  • Oct. 28: 4,115/66
  • Oct. 27: 4,298/57
  • Oct. 26: 3,377/20
  • Oct. 25: 2,385/12
  • Oct. 24: 4,471/76
  • Oct. 23: 3,689/74
  • Oct. 22: 5,557/57

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