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Tallahassee Airport Installs Privacy Pod For 'Breastfeeding Moms On The Go'

An example of the inside and outside of the Mamava Lactation suite, or pod
An example of the inside and outside of the Mamava Lactation suite, or pod

Tallahassee’s airport is now one of seven in Florida to offer a new feature for breastfeeding moms. 

When going to public places, new moms may have to breastfeed their babies in the bathroom or their car. Sascha Mayer says she knows firsthand what that’s like.

“On the road to clients, in convention centers, in airports, and it’s the exact opposite place you want to be preparing food for your baby.”

Earlier this year, Mayer spoke during a speaker series in Vermont, where her company—Mamava—is based. As its co-founder, she helped create what’s called a Mamava Lactation suite, one of which can now be seen in Tallahassee International Airport.

It’s a 4-foot by 8-foot pod that includes a fold-down table, an area to put your luggage, as well as a SmartLock for privacy. Whole Child Leon Executive Director Courtney Atkins says it's a great option for “breastfeeding moms on the go.”

“Well, there’s an electrical outlet, and plenty of place for a mom to take her breast pump in and pump there and everything is cleaned and sanitized, make sure your hands are sanitized,” she said. “There’s not running water, but there’s actually sanitation kind of area for hands, or you can go and sit and breastfeed your child in there.”

The new nursing suite at TLH was funded through the Breastfeeding Policy Workgroup, which includes Whole Child Leon. Atkins says it cost just under $15,000, which was provided by a private donor.

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