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Medicare Stops Paying Cardiology Clinic


Every health care provider at the Ocala cardiology practice run by Dr. AsadQamar is unable to receive payments from Medicare as federal officials continue their fraud investigation, according to court documents reviewed by the Ocala Star-Banner.

Qamar -- the second-highest doctor paid by the federal program in 2012 -- was sued by the federal government in January for fraud charges including overbilling and performing uneccessary procedures.


Court documents reviewed by the Star-Banner detail the fraud allegations. The documents show Qamar billed the federal program for 26.17 hours of service in one day, and also billed more than 24 hours for service on several other days. The suspension by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services includes the Institute for Cardiovascular Excellence, where Qamar practiced.


A patient liaison for the Institute for Cardiovascular Excellence told the Star-Banner that the charges are false and that the clinic continues to accept patients with Medicare plans.