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Health News Florida

Historic Vote on Med Marijuana

Cherie Diez
Tampa Bay Times

 The House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice voted 11-1 to legalize a specialized medical marijuana  oil aimed at helping children who experience seizures, the Florida Current reports.

Wednesday's vote was the first time in the modern era that the Florida Legislature voted in favor of any marijuana-related product, the Tampa Bay Times reports (paywall alert).

The strain, known as Charlotte’s Web, is low in the euphoric property THC and high in CBD, which some studies find alleviates epileptic seizures. Its nickname is for a Colorado girl whose seizures were reduced dramatically by using oil made from the plant.

The bill, (HB 843), had bipartisan support, but supporters say the bill needs work. That includes outlining how the plant will get to Florida. A similar bill in the Senate that would set up dispensaries, but that issue has its critics.