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Affordable Care Act

FL Blue Only Statewide Carrier for 2014


Choice of doctors, hospitals and insurers in rural areas is limited now, and that won’t change right away when the federal health exchange opens on Oct. 1. But every county in Florida will have access to one or more plans from Florida Blue, formerly known as Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty released a few details to the Sentinel about the plans that will be available, although not which counties will have which plans and how much they will cost. That has to wait for the federal government’s release, expected any day now. Because Florida opted not to mount its own insurance exchange, the federal exchange at will be the site for this state.

Populous counties will have the widest number of choices, but no county will have access to all 10; more than half of Florida counties will have only one or two, McCarty told the Sentinel.