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We'll Post REAL Prices, Hospital CEO Says

The CEO of Mount Sinai Medical Center says he's willing to reveal the actual contractual prices that his hospital receives from Aetna, Florida Blue and other insurers -- and dares other hospitals to do the same.

Steve Sonenreich made the pledge during a show on WLRN 91.3-FM in Miami with host Tom Hudson, theMiami Heraldreports. 

Sonenreich said: "We will post our prices relative to Blue Cross, and Aetna, our contractual prices, and we'll challenge Baptist and the other systems in the community to do the same."

Also in the studio was Brian Keeley, chief executive of Baptist Health South Florida, which manages seven hospitals in the region. He declined to accept Sonenreich's challenge for price transparency, the Herald reported, but acknowledged that the whole industry will move in that direction as the Affordable Care Act rolls out.

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