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People Crowd Gun Shows; Firearm Violence at Record Low

Naples Daily News

Hundreds of people waited in long lines to attend a gun show at the Central Florida Fairgrounds last weekend, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The biggest seller at the gun show was the pricey AR-15 rifle, the weapon used in the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, according to the Sentinel.

In a separate report from the Naples Daily News, state records show that firearm violence in Florida decreased from 2000 to 2011, in accord with national trends, while concealed gun permits increased.

Gun rights’ advocates say the two trends are related, that having more people carrying guns deters criminals. But gun-control groups say the two are unrelated, that the decrease in gun violence more closely tracks demographics.

Lottie Watts covers health and health policy for Health News Florida, now a part of WUSF Public Media. She also produces Florida Matters, WUSF's weekly public affairs show.