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Record Gun Sales in FL; Safety Top Worry At Schools

Tampa Bay Times

Under pressure from investors, the private equity fund that owned the maker of the assault rifle used by Adam Lanza in the massacre in Newtown last Friday decided to sell that company, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Wal-Mart took the rifle off its Internet site -- but kept it for sale in stores. Meanwhile, in Florida, gun sales hit a peak in Florida on Saturday, the day after the mass shooting

But not everyone is cashing in. Because of the massacre at the Connecticut elementary, pawn shop owner Frank James told the Tampa Bay Times he will no longer sell guns at his store. The headline called it “seller’s remorse.”

Gov. Rick Scott has asked schools around the state to take a closer look at their safety policies, News Service of Florida reports. In Broward County, there aren’t enough School Resources Officers to put one in every school, according to theMiami Herald. In Hillsborough County, investigators have been “overwhelmed” with a spike in violent threats targeting schools, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Lottie Watts covers health and health policy for Health News Florida, now a part of WUSF Public Media. She also produces Florida Matters, WUSF's weekly public affairs show.