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Authorities in central Florida are charging a man with three felonies, saying he had sex with multiple women without informing them he was HIV positive. 

Public schools across Florida must have a policy in place by the end of the year allowing students to use medical marijuana on campus, or they will risk losing some state funding. 

Halifax Halts Legal Fight Over New Hospital

May 8, 2019
Halifax Hospital Medical Center, Daytona Beach
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After getting a reprieve from the Legislature, the public Halifax Hospital Medical Center has dropped a legal fight about building a hospital in western Volusia County. 

Florida Supreme Court

In a case being watched by local governments across the state, the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments Feb. 6 in a dispute about construction of a hospital in Volusia County. 

Volusia Schools Working On Medical Marijuana Policy

Sep 28, 2018
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The Volusia County School Board has drafted a policy that would allow qualified students to be administered medical marijuana on campus.

Volusia Schools Won’t Allow Child With Epilepsy To Use CBD Oil

Sep 12, 2018
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Gummy bears with CBD oil can stop six-year-old Zoe Adams from having debilitating seizures which means she can go back to school. But Volusia County Schools considers the oil to be a class one controlled substance which means Adams can’t take it on school property.

National Parks Service.

Nearly 4,000 jellyfish stings have been reported at Volusia County beaches in the last two weeks.


The Volusia County School board will meet today to approve a new partnership with Florida Hospital to establish the Healthy Futures Program at existing medical career academies in Volusia county schools.

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A hospital taxing district in Volusia County wants the Florida Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that could block plans for a new hospital outside the district’s boundaries.

The Halifax Hospital Medical Center taxing district filed a notice of appeal with the Supreme Court after Circuit Judge Christopher France last month said the district does not have the legal authority to issue bonds for the 96-bed hospital project in Deltona, according to documents posted Tuesday on the Supreme Court website.

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Volusia County Schools needs to hire 45 more resource officers to meet a new state requirement– put in place after the Parkland shooting.

Hundreds of dead fish have washed up on Florida beaches thanks to the cold weather snap.

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The state of Florida has issued an emergency order to shut down Grace Manor Assisted Living and Memory Care in Port Orange.

Men who live near the Daytona International Speedway  have higher death rates than state averages, according to an analysis of health statistics from the Florida Department of Health.

Colon cancer rates are 10 times higher than the state average in the area code surrounding the speedway, and stroke rates are almost 13 times higher.

While death rates from heart disease declined in Florida during the last five years, Volusia County saw a 9 percent increase in deaths.

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Volusia County officials are expected to discuss decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana today.

Volusia Mental Health Agency Closing

May 19, 2015
Windward Behavioral Care. WMFE

The agency that treats the most uninsured mental health patients in Volusia County every year is closing.

Windward Behavioral Center in Daytona Beach  lost half a million dollars in state funds in March, and its staff has dwindled from more than one hundred to less than twenty employees.

The agency started closing its three facilities in March after a state audit noted staff failed to correctly document services. The facilities have served homeless veterans, addicts, and the mentally ill for more than thirty years.

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Health officials have issued an alert after a third person was diagnosed with West Nile virus in Volusia County.

Officials said in a statement Monday "there is a heightened concern additional residents will become ill."

The alert issued urges residents to take extra precaution to avoid mosquitoes. West Nile is most commonly transmitted to human by mosquitoes.

Criticism of the Department of Health is growing over its release of private prescription information on  3,300 patients to federal and state agencies, and from there to defense attorneys involved in a Volusia County drug case.