tooth decay

About 95% of 12-year-olds in the Philippines have tooth decay or cavities. And cavities affect 7 in 10 children in India, one-third of Tanzania teens and nearly 1 in every 3 Brazilians.

Debate Continues Over Fluoridation

Sep 26, 2016
Kaiser Health News

Many people take for granted the addition of fluoride into public drinking water systems that aims to prevent tooth decay. It’s a seven-decade-old public health effort. But it’s not nearly as universally accepted.

The number of Floridians treated in hospital emergency departments for tooth problems that could have been treated in a dental office or clinic -- or better yet, prevented altogether -- rose to more than 139,000 in 2012, according to a study released Wednesday.

The total was up by 8,000 over the year before, the Florida Public Health Institute reported.

A Palm Beach County woman was charged with child neglect after a dentist found that her 2- and 3-year-old children had mouths riddled with cavities, the Palm Beach Post reports. The dentist, who saw the children at the request of the Department of Children and Families, found infections and a severe cavity on every tooth; six teeth were in such bad shape they had to be pulled.