America is losing the battle against sexually transmitted infections. Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis all hit record-high numbers in 2015. Tens of thousands contract HIV every year in the U.S., and oral cancers caused by human papillomavirus are increasing.

So startups are popping up online to help serve what they see as unmet demand for STD testing. One advertises that you can "get a sexy deal" by ordering.

Men who may have been exposed to the Zika virus should wait at least six months before trying to conceive a child with a partner, regardless of whether they ever had any symptoms, federal health officials are recommending.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had previously recommended that only men with Zika symptoms had to wait that long. Those who may have been exposed to Zika but never developed any symptoms were told to hold off on trying to conceive for just eight weeks.

More Duval County middle and high schoolers are abstaining from sex.

The Center for Disease Control’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows the percent of Duval County middle schoolers who said they had sex decreased from 23 percent in 2009 to 13 percent in 2015.

One Sex Trafficking Survivor’s Story

Dec 20, 2013

When Moe Crowle walks along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, a blighted drag in Sarasota’s historically black neighborhood, men on bikes shout from across the street and a mother wearing cheetah-print pants walks away from her baby stroller to chat. An old Cadillac with dark tinted windows stops and then crawls along the sidewalk next to her. A man opens the door and stares.

For better and worse, Moe is well-known in this north Sarasota neighborhood. The glares have been a constant since she was 17, when she was first prostituted in this affluent beach town.

In Florida and many other states, you are required by law to tell your partner you have a sexually transmitted disease before having intercourse. But as the Miami Herald reports, that law has been interpreted differently by Florida appellate courts (paywall alert). 

Kate GeMeiner, in a pixie haircut and a sensible brown pantsuit, holds up what, from the back of the room, appears to be a see-through balloon. It isn’t.

“Never use Vaseline with a condom,” she says in her best announcer’s voice. “Never, only KY jelly.”