Senate Appropriations Committee

The Senate is moving forward with certificate of need repeal. But some call the move a dramatic shift that reneges on weeks of work. The plan to scrap hospital regulations points to a bigger picture about the legislative process.

State Workers To See Pay Raises, Pension Changes

May 2, 2017
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State workers will be in line for pay raises, although the plan is coupled with major changes in the state pension fund and employee health insurance, under a bill approved Monday by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Tallahassee lawmakers got a hard pill to swallow Thursday.

Senators Rake Medicaid Official Over Coals

Jun 3, 2015
Agency for Health Care Administration

 A Senate committee tore into a high-ranking official from Gov. Rick Scott's administration Tuesday in a sign of mounting frustration with the governor's role in the legislative battle over health care.

During a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting held to approve a proposal (SB 2-A) aimed at helping lower-income Floridians get health insurance, committee members from both parties spent more than an hour grilling state Medicaid director Justin Senior over a perceived lack of respect for the Senate.

There are a couple of hard-fought Medicaid issues that have nothing to do with expansion under the Affordable Care Act. 

One of them is a change in the way the state pays hospitals for treating Medicaid patients to “diagnosis-related groups,” or DRGs. Figuring that out held up budget agreement on the Agency for Health Care Administration, said chairwoman Denise Grimsley.