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Floridians With Disabilities Defend Medicaid Funding From Possible Cuts

Oct 18, 2019
Heather Snyder, 31st Medical Operation Squadron educational and developmental intervention services speech and language pathologist, hands a plastic coin to Nathan Gribble, a patient at the Educational and Developmental Intervention Services clinic.
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People with developmental disabilities and caregivers delivered a message to a Senate health-care panel Wednesday: Don’t cut Medicaid funding for services. 

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A federal court decision to block a change to Kentucky’s Medicaid program could affect a similar request from Florida.

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(UPDATED) In a long-awaited move, federal health officials on Friday granted Florida's request to expand its five-county pilot Medicaid managed-care project statewide.  Mindful of how some Florida Medicaid HMOs have behaved in the past, the deal includes what an independent analyst called "unprecedented consumer protections."

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Alicia Ford, who suffered brain damage at birth 28 years ago, learned how to get around with a walker when she was getting physical therapy. But she lost Medicaid eligibility at 18. Now her muscles have shriveled and she can’t get out of her wheelchair, the Ocala Star-Banner reports.