Medicaid eligibility

A national group has asked the federal government to extend the deadline for public comment on Florida’s proposed Medicaid changes after a glitch on prevented submissions.

Florida, Texas Expand Medicaid – For Kids

Sep 29, 2014

Republican lawmakers in Florida and Texas snubbed the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion for adults, but their states did broaden the program this year -- for school-age children.

The company responsible for Florida’s troubled unemployment database won a $31.6 million contract with the Department of Children and Families for the Medicaid enrollment system update, even though it didn’t have the lowest bid, the Miami Herald reports.

A Florida man found mentally incapable of caring for himself spent most of the $400,000 he won on a lottery scratch-off ticket and now may lose the government benefits he needs. 

People filling out insurance applications on the federal marketplace may learn they're eligible for Medicaid and their information is being sent to state officials to sign them up. However, states are getting unusable information because of technical problems that continue to plague the website.

Some low-income Floridians who can't get Medicaid coverage now will qualify for it after Jan. 1, under new Medicaid eligibility guidelines that apply nationwide.

Savings accounts, a car and child support will no longer count against eligibility, which should make it easier for low-income parents to qualify, according to an account in the Orlando Sentinel.