Pointing to a “hierarchical relationship” with local governments, the state has asked an appeals court to uphold a 2011 law that has threatened tough penalties if city and county officials approve gun regulations. 

Appeals Court Upholds ‘Red Flag’ Law

Sep 26, 2019
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An appeals court Wednesday rejected a constitutional challenge to Florida’s “red flag” law, which passed after the 2018 mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and allows guns to be removed from people found to pose a threat to themselves or others. 

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As in mass shootings elsewhere, the massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub is raising questions about access to guns — assault rifles, in particular.

Not Guns OR Mental Health; It's Both

Jun 1, 2014

The American tragedy continues with six collegians killed in the sleepy college town of Isla Vista, California.  The deranged murderer then took his own life after a shooting and stabbing rampage.  A victim’s distraught father lashed out at the NRA, politicians and all those who would impede gun restrictions.  In Florida, bullets sent people scurrying for cover in Clearwater Beach.  Myrtle Beach suffered three shot dead in shooting rampage recently.  The carnage continues.

The so-called “Warning Shot” bill is heading to the Governor’s desk, after the Senate passed the measure Thursday. But, debate grew heated as some Democrats tried—and failed—to amend the bill.

TALLAHASSEE — A gun rights group is suing the University of Florida for banning guns in campus housing. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar suit against the University of North Florida's ban on guns in cars.

In early December, the 1st District Court of Appeal sided with a UNF student and gun rights group Florida Carry that challenged a rule banning students from storing guns in their cars.

A surge in gun sales is behind a bill to increase the number of sites where gun permits may be filed, according to the Florida Current. Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, and Rep. James Grant, R-Tampa, want to allow all county tax collectors to accept applications, as opposed to eight regional locations the state allows now.

Attorneys for doctors’ groups told appellate judges in Miami on Thursday that a Florida law barring them from asking about patients’ gun ownership abridges their First Amendment right to free speech, according to NBC 6 South Florida. But the state solicitor general argued the law defends patients’ right to bear arms, as outlined in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The three-judge panel asked questions but will delay a decision.

Fort Lauderdale Police haven’t been enforcing a county ordinance on criminal background checks at gun shows held in the city because they say a state law won’t let them. But according to legal experts, the police are misinterpreting the law, the Broward Bulldog reports.  


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As Florida lawmakers consider how they’re going to deal with gun violence, Miami-Dade police are trying to figure out why a gun that killed a 4-year-old was in easy reach of her and two other young children, the Miami Herald reports. By law, loaded firearms are supposed to be locked up so children can’t get to them. If they do and that weapon kills them, the responsible person faces a third-degree felony. 

A 30-year-old man living in a dormitory at the University of Central Florida apparently planned to kill other students by sounding the fire alarm, then shooting them when they went outside. But when police responded quickly to a 911 call from one of his roommates, the Orlando Sentinel reports, James Oliver Seevakumaran turned the gun on himself.